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Our food should be LIVING

‘Living foods are foods that come straight from Nature, without cooking or processing. Eating living foods means eating foods in their pristine, raw state. To understand this concept better, let’s take an example of a wheat plant. If we take a wheat seed, bury it in the soil and water it for a few days, it will grow into a sapling. But if we take wheat noodles and plant them in the ground, will they ever grow into a wheat plant? NO! Because unlike the wheat seed, the noodles do not contain any life energy, or prana. Therefore, they cannot produce more life. They’re dead. How can something that is dead bring life to our own body? On the other hand, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, coconut, grains, nuts & seeds (if soaked) are all living foods. When these living foods enter our body, they transfer their life energy inside us, flush out the toxins sitting inside and cure disease.’

This is the opening paragraph of a delightful and informative ebook by Subah Jain. She covers everything in the book from food philosophy to skin care and much much more. To down load the entire book click here.


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