Kama Hemp Juice Club

Kama Hemp Juice Club

Join our Kama Hemp Juice Club now and receive your full box of juice 14 sheets worth €408 for as little as €55.00 for 6 weeks.

Package 1 Maintenance Box – 2 cubes per day for 8 months

@ €55.00/week for 6 weeks.

Ensures your body has the minimum of fresh live greens daily.

Package 2 Booster Box –  4 cubes per day for 4 months @ €80.00/week for 4 weeks.

With this box you will fell the extra boost of energy and vitality.

Package 3 Super Booster Box – 8 cubes per day for 2 months €104.00/week for 3 weeks.

A very powerful nutritional boost of a raw green superfood for one or core nutrition for the whole family.




We are offering all our current and new customers the wonderful opportunity to join our brand new Kama Hemp Juice Club straight away. Just sign up and receive a full box of juice worth €408 straight away.

There are 3 different subscriptions depending on your current hemp juice needs. You can opt out after you have paid for your first box or continue and keep recieving your juice.

(Package 1) Maintenance Box – 2 cubes per day for 8 months @ €55.00/week over 6 weeks
(Package 2) Booster Box – 4 cubes per day for 4 months @ €80.00/week over 4 weeks.
(Package 3) Super Booster Box – 8 cubes per day for 2 months €104.00/week over 3 weeks.

All you need to do:

1. Simply order the Extra large Box

2. Fill in your details.

3. Select the payment by Subscription option. You will receive your order confirmation.

4. Download the Standing Order Request Form, fill it in and return it to your bank.

Standing Order Request Form: Euro Version

Standing Order Request Form: Sterling Version  

5. We will send out your Extra Large Box when we receive your first payment



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