90 Kama Hemp CBDa Capsules

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90 Ultra Bio Available CBDa Capsules

663mg Cannabinoids per Jar

1 Jar – 90 Vegetarian capsules

7.4mg Cannabinoids per capsule

6.6mg CBDa & CBD per capsule

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  • 90 Ultra Bio Available CBDa Capsules

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  • €44.00
  • 7.4mg Cannabinoids per capsule
  • 6.6mg CBDa & CBD per capsule
  • Gross Weight: 140g
  • V-Capsules
  • THC 0.09%

Ingredients: 100% Organic Freeze-dried Hemp Juice Powder

Our Hemp Juice Capsules are easily digestible, is naturally allergen free and is produced from the freeze dried juice extracted from the whole plant. Hemp is a complete food, making it a fantastic food source which can aid in maintaining the body’s natural defences.

Kama Hemp Juice capsules are a high-quality food supplement that is desired because it contains a broad range of nutrients. The extra potency of Kama Hemp Juice Capsules, and its capability to work even harder than other green powder, comes from its ability to interact with our Endo-Cannabinoid System.


Nutritional Values
Typical Values Per 100g Per 5 Capsules 
Energy 1188kJ/280kcal
Protein 36.35g
Carbohydrates 15.4g
Fat 3.8g
Fibre 7.15g
Salt 0.2g
Betacarotene  19.4mg 0.38g
Vitamin E 43.4mg 0.87g
Vitamin B6 2.15mg 0.04g
Vitamin B12 4.68µg 0.09µg


2 reviews for 90 Kama Hemp CBDa Capsules

  1. Christina Drennan

    I have received my hemp juice capsules and I am delighted with this product, I love the fact that this product is made here in Ireland, that it is Organic, 100% natural, the customer service is second to none. I love this product due to the ingredients and how that helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. I am looking forward to trying out the juices and not only that, Kate has some fantastic recipes to share. I would just like to say thank you so much Kate and Marcus and also for how you are bringing about awareness about this natural healing plant. Christina

    • Kate Mullaney (verified owner)

      We always seem to find ourselves in the position of pioneer, it has it’s ups and downs, but on the whole our hemp journey and in particular our hemp juice journey has been very rewarding. We have been encouraged and supported by great feedback from daily hemp juice drinkers (and capsule takers) and remarkable stories of wellness and improved health from many happy customers. Thanks Christina for taking the time to write, much appreciated. Kate.

  2. priti

    well i am a chronic pain sufferer for 20 yrs ,i am only 47 yrs old, i take care of my 3 children alone and my son is disabled, so i am most of the time desparate and wish my life would just change or end ! its so hard for me to get through a day in so much pain, i will never take any allopathic prescription drugs and i think thats probably why i am still alive.
    I tried the hemp capsules and they helped immmediately, i had to go to a funeral and usually if i have to go anywhere i get more pain for many weeks after, so i dread going anywhere, but after taking these capsules i did have my usual outburst of pain the next day but it was reduced by 75% and only lasted that day, then for the past 6 nights that i have taken the capsules, i have slept, I know if i can get to sleep i have the best chance of healing, i am so terrified by the pain i am in and i can see that this product works, i have only taken it for 6 nights but am sleeping, i dont know what the capsules do as i havent had time to research it much, the product came recommnded by a dear friend but more than the product was the people who grow it, Kate and Marcus, they were so highly recommended to me by a close mutual friend that i was confident to buy from them.
    With me as i am on a low income, i really have to be very selective with what i try and buy and spend my money on, knowing the product has to be good and that the growers and distributors are such sincere genuine people themselves has made me very confident to invest in my health this way, its also nice to know, for me , that i am not making some silly people rich, i know Kate and Marcus are very moral and ethical people so i am more than happy to continue with these capsules for my short and long term health benefits, i will also be giving them to my austistic child and cant wait to see how that goes.I am extremley greatful and hopeful that there are still a few people like this who are genuine and really want to see people get well and healthy, god bless the herbs and kate and marcus !

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