Getting Started


This means 15 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating


If you are taking more than 50ml/day (4 cubes), split the usage up for maximum effect. A clean source of organic hemp juice is only available from We want you to enjoy your juice at its very best we have posted some recipes to inspire you on your journey.

In general be your own best observer.
You can use any amount you wish and start/stop as desired.
It is possible to use too little, so be generous to yourself.
150ml per day is considered the maximum needed for most individuals.

Why Juice?

The juicing of greens is a relatively recent phenomenon. Great pioneering work was done on the Living Foods program by Ann Wigmore in the 1950’s and the rise of green juice is largely due to her work. The largest creatures here on earth owe their nutrition to the vegetation of plant kingdom. Humans lack the dental and digestive system to deal with large volumes of herbage however modern juicers easily liberate the valuable plant cell contents, the juice, for our consumption. Fresh green juices are packed with living enzymes which are very easily assimilated by the system.

Kama Hemp Juice is a nutritionally potent, high-quality food that is desired because it contains a broad range of nutrients. The extra potency of Kama Hemp Juice, and its capability to work even harder than other green juices, comes from its ability to interact with our Endo-Cannabinoid System.


The Best Source Is Organic.

The best hemp juice is organic, field grown, flash frozen and comes from, an Irish based family farm. The juice is carefully
produced and flash frozen to maintain the living enzymes, organics, and nutrition without compromise.

Specialised Juicers
Our juicer operates at much lower speed than other juicers ensuring that less air gets trapped into the juice, slowing down oxidation of nutrients to a minimum level.
Another important benefit of low RPM is that less heat is generated protecting the nutrients from destruction due to overheating.

Kama Hemp Juice produces superior juices and powders that are exceptionally beneficial for people who are looking for the ultimate juice experience.

It is important to know that some green powders and tablets are dried at temperatures above 400ºC and have only 2% of the bio-activity of the juice.


Preparing Your Juice

Put the amount of frozen hemp juice cubes in a glass and add 3 parts room temperature water to speed the thaw.
CUBE SIZE 12.5ml each.


  • Flood the body with nutrition to activate change and improvement.
  • This requires 150ml (12 cubes) of juice per day for 60 days.
  • Use the juice throughout the day as 3 x 50ml (4 cubes each time).
  • It may be wise to bypass starting slowly, this is a personal decision.
  • After 60 days, consider reducing usage to 50ml / day as most maintain benefits at this level and it provides good economy.
  • After economising, remain focused on your goals and any objective results you receive, in the event of negative changes, increase use or resume 150ml/ day.


Using hemp juice:
Under 40 Years Of Age: 25ml/day (2 cubes)
Over 40 Years Of Age: 25-50ml/day (2-4 cubes)


Reducing the toxic burden

The process of reducing the “body burden” through the elimination of toxins that may have been accumulating for decades can benefit us greatly. If your body has stored toxins, you may benefit from eliminating them. Doing this quickly may cause you to experience a headache (particularly for high sugar consumers), flu-like feelings, diarrhoea or fatigue. This is not desirable and in most cases not necessary. If you have time, start with a small amount of juice and work your way up to avoid an unpleasant  experience. If you do experience unpleasant symptoms recognise it for what it is, a temporary state which will pass in a few days and a positive sign that good things are starting to happen.



Kama Hemp’s juicing facility is approved by the HSE.

We are also licensed by IOFGA (Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association). Licence no. 7501.

Please ask your Doctor

Kama Hemp Juice is simply a food consumed for its nutritional value. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. While we personally use Kama Hemp Juice to pursue excellent health, we are not, nor do we represent ourselves to be medical or health care professionals. We expressly make no guarantee as to any health or medical benefits obtained by the use of Hemp Juice. You agree to assume complete responsibility for any decision to use our products for any purpose, including health or medical purposes and assume complete responsibility for any consequences to your health, whether alone or in conjunction with any other food, health or medical product and agree to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before engaging in any use, especially if you have any known health or medical conditions.

Kamaceuticals Ltd, trading as, Kama Hemp, including its officers, directors, agents and assignees, is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of our hemp juice products or from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations or procedures outlined, discussed or recommended on this web site or elsewhere. 

Kama Hemp’s juicing facility is approved by the HSE.

Our organic licence is issued by IOA formerly IOFGA Licence no. 7501.

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