Kate and Marcus in their hemp fieldWe are world leaders in the supply of Hemp Juice and our company mission is to:

  • Provide raw, organic and vital juice to consumers and the food industry.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of hemp juice in your diet.
  • Engage in sustainable organic farming practices.
  • Produce products and information which support vibrant health.
  • Promote human intervention that supports all life processes.
  • Promote fair business practice and fair reward, for all involved in the production of hemp juice and fibre.
  • Promote bio-regional development of broad scale permacultural systems with hemp as the central driver and as a key break crop for organic husbandry, biochar/composting fertility building, woodlands, resource for food, fibre, and natural building material.

Our sister company, Hempire Building Materials made sure all their products are suitable for use in the construction of zero carbon buildings. We use industrial hemp as our main raw material. Cultivating hemp runs parallel with ‘green future objectives’. Hemp requires little to no biocides, improves soil structure and fertility, and also controls erosion. These positive attributes make hemp the ideal break crop for farmers.


Kate MullaneyKate Mullaney

Both Kate and Marcus are well known throughout Ireland, for their pioneering work with natural building, permaculture design, water purification and home schooling. They embarked on an exciting journey of discovery and growth back in 1992, when they first left Dublin together to return to Marcus’s native Co. Monaghan.

By 1994 they had established a permaculture project and wetland plant nursery and built their first timber framed building, with expert help from local carpenters. In May 1997 they began work on their now famous straw bale house.

This project took 18 months to finish and they moved into their new custom built hemp home in November 1998, just before the birth of their 3 child. Things have not always been easy for the enterprising young couple and juggling work and educating a young family was challenging at times.

Marcus McCabeMarcus McCabe

Over the years they developed their green field site into a fantastic working example of permaculture in action. They grow much of the family’s food here, have gardens, orchards, ponds, polytunnels and wildlife sanctuaries on this cherished property. Things took a bit of a turn for the worst when their first Hemp business collapsed leaving mounting debt and much disappointment. However their faith in Hemp as a fruitful crop never failed and they persevered with a much scaled down version of the Hemp Building business.

2013 saw Kate and Marcus take a brave new step into the juice production world. Being juice and health advocates for many years themselves and also by now experienced hemp growers, this put them in the perfect position to take up the premier role in the Hemp Juice business. Kama Hemp Juice was born and remains the only organic hemp juice in the world today.

Technical Advisor


GordonGordon Mackie

Gordon Mackie is our Processing Engineer and hails from the well known Mackie Engineering family, famous for their role in the creation of patents which form the know-how basis for nearly all textile machinery in the world today. Gordon is a textile engineer, pilot and polymath with broad vision and keen business acumen.[/one_half_last]