Kama’s Vision

Kate and Marcus in their hemp fieldKama Hemp is world leader in the supply of Hemp Juice and our mission is to:

  • Grow organically and engage in sustainable organic farming practices.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of hemp juice in the diet and educate about foods naturally containing cannabinoids.
  • Manufacture products which support vibrant health.
  • Promote human intervention that supports all life processes.
  • Promote fair business practice and fair reward, for all involved in the production of hemp juice and fibre.
  • Promote bio-regional development with hemp as the central driver and as a key break crop for organic husbandry, biochar/composting fertility building, woodlands, resource for food, fibre, and natural building material.

Our sister company, Hempire Building Materials made sure all their products are suitable for use in the construction of zero carbon buildings. We use industrial hemp as our main raw material. Cultivating hemp runs parallel with ‘green future objectives’. Hemp requires little to no biocides, improves soil structure and fertility, and also controls erosion. These positive attributes make hemp the ideal break crop for farmers.

How it all began…..

In 2013 husband and wife team Marcus and Kate took a brave new step into the food production world. Being juice and health advocates for many years themselves and also by now experienced hemp growers, this put them in the perfect position to take up the premier role in the Hemp Juice business. Kama Hemp Juice was born and remains the only organic hemp juice in the world today.



Kate MullaneyKate Mullaney B.A.

Kate Mullaney Owner/Director at Kamaceuticals Ltd, Chairwoman of  the Hemp Federation of Ireland is 2016 winner of the Enterprise Ireland Competition-Women in Business Competitive Start Fund. Kate Mullaney is without question the most experienced when it comes to Cannabis license applications and compliance with in the industry  in Ireland. Hardly surprising as she has achieved more grown acres of hemp than anyone. Navigating a successful hemp business is all about successfully navigating within changing legal and statutory constraints. Ms Mullaney has a deserved reputation for being an incisive, intelligent, quick witted, intuitive and highly competent business leader well able to see the business to success. Kate has a long track record in the Hemp industry in Ireland and she has been successfully growing and processing Hemp since 2006. Kate has taken the plant out of its traditional building arena and created a growing Functional Food Business.





Marcus McCabe B.S.Ag

Marcus McCabe is a serial innovator who is way ahead of his time with a keen eye for trends of the future. He has the ability to not only think outside the norm but to pull together and understand complex and multidisciplinary threads. He has developed exclusive expertise on the development of supply chains for the cultivation, processing, formulation and erection/installation of carbon locking building materials such as wall filling materials, plasters and panels. McCabe is a polymath who relishes and is comfortable in any of the agricultural, biological and engineering science disciplines. He is responsible for and creator of the valuable tacit intellectual property from which the company will continue to benefit.

Details of the people that are involved in starting up the business including previous experience, areas of expertise and responsibility.




GordonGordon Mackie

Gordon Mackie hails from the well known Mackie Engineering family, famous for their role in the creation of patents which form the know-how basis for nearly all textile machinery in the world today. Gordon is a textile engineer, pilot and polymath with broad vision and keen business acumen.[/one_half_last]