Hemp Juice FAQ's

How much should I take?

This really depends on you. For a healthy person 1-2 cubes per day will be sufficient nutrition. If necessary you can take up to 2-4 cubes three times per day.

Can I overdose?

The simple answer is No. Hemp juice is simply a green food. Some people safely take up to 16 cubes per day. Be your own best observer. You can use any amount you wish and start and stop as desired. More juice produces faster results. It is possible to use too little, so be generous to yourself. 150ml per person is considered the maximum needed for most individuals. If you are not accustomed to green juices, start with 1 cube and build up. Two to four cubes daily is typical. For more information see Preparation and Reducing the toxic Burden.

Will Hemp Juice make me High?

Definitely not! Hemp juice is not intoxicating in any way whatsoever. Below are my test results from the police’s road side testing apparatus here in Ireland. I have been drinking 50mls of our hemp juice everyday for 4 years plus, with no ill effects. Hemp juice is a food/food supplement. Don’t hesitate to talk or write to us if you have any reservations.

Tel: + 353 (0)47 52049

email: hello@kamahemp.com

What does it taste Like?

It has to be said that to the unaccustomed palate, Kama Hemp Juice seems very strong. However as your body becomes accustomed and acquires a taste for it, you will find yourself enjoying it.

Is Kama Hemp Juice legal?

Yes, and it is fully compliant with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI)

How does the juice remain frozen?

We pack our juice in insulated boxes with ice packs and can guarantee next day delivery to Ireland and the UK. We post on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We aim to fill all orders within 24 hours, however we cannot post on Fridays or over the weekend. All orders received before 1pm (except on Fridays or over the weekend) will be posted out on the same day. It is your responsibility to arrange to be at the address to receive the delivery and to place the juice immediately in the freezer.

Do we deliver outside Ireland/UK?

We can deliver our freeze dried capsules outside Ireland/UK. Commercial quantities of frozen juice are available on request.

Is Kama Hemp Juice organic?

Yes we are Organic certified by IOFGA License no 7501. We are chemical free, pesticide free, herbicide free, fungicide free, mineral fertilizer free and our seeds are GMO free. We use locally produced organic fertilize on the crop prior to sowing the seeds. For now we produce the best hemp juice we possibly can and invite you to come and meet us. Call us on +353 47 52049 to arrange a visit and we’ll answer all of your questions.

Is it important to drink it immediately

Yes, you should drink the juice within a few minutes of defrosting or you risk losing vital elements. This is done to prevent oxidation and applies equally to both the fresh squeezed and flash frozen juice. Our method of flash freezing ensures that the juice gets to you in a perfect state. Rapid consumption on your part (drinking it as it thaws) keeps oxidation from taking place and will maximize the benefits.