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Hemp Juice Cacao Mint smoothie

This smoothie is quick and easy to make. It makes a great meal in itself and easily prepared the night before.   500ml good quality

Hemp Juice Latte

Hemp Juice Latte   500ml good quality organic hemp milk 1-2 teaspoons of Kama Hemp Juice Powder Honey (optional). Whiz all ingredients together. You can

Sparkling hemp and orange

Serves 1-2 We often receive suggestions for new ways to take hemp juice. Here is the most recent serving suggestion. 2-4 cubes of frozen hemp

Banana and Hemp Milk Smoothie

This smoothie is quick and easy to make. It’s great to play around with and you can add a pear instead of a banana or

Recipe of the Week

Beetroot and ginger Juice Hemp juice contains high concentrations of nutrients in any food and helps replenish the body’s vital stores. Beetroot is very rich

Benefits of Hemp Juice over CBD oil.

Kama Hemp Juice is on the up and there are several surprisingly good reasons why hemp juice is becoming the next new superfood. Hemp juice

Juice versus Capsules

What’s the difference between Kama Hemp Juice and C-B-Defence Capsules? Today I was asked ‘What’s the difference between Kama Hemp Juice and Kama C-B-Defence Capsules?’

High Kick

This is a great recipe sent to me from Finn Ní Fhaoláin creator of Fins Fit Food. When the body is a little bruised and a little broken

Know Your Hemp Oil

It is understandable that when diagnosed with cancer people panic. However, it is very important that when faced with this scenario that you take a

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Introduction to Juicing

If you are new to juicing then you have a great treat in store. Not only are the health benefits of freshly extracted juices unbelievably

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Harvesting Hemp 2015

The hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) is one of the oldest and most versatile plants known to man. Hemp has been cultivated over a period of

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Food Marketing

It’s important to understand that the use of additives and food processing, in general, is a function of marketing, and has little to do with

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