Cannabinoids + Terpenes

Kama Hemp cold pressed Hemp Juice and Powders contain the richest and greatest entourage of phyto-biochemicals possible. The ‘Entourage effect’ is important as in Nature the plant works as a whole.

Kama Hemp Juice includes the bio-activate plant water, proteins, omega rich essential fatty acids, minerals, bioflavonoids and vitamins. All are all helpful in the bodies absorption of CBD and CBDa and other cannabinoids. Not only does Kama Hemp juice contain a rich spectrum of Cannabinoids including, CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBN among others but our process allows the highest extraction of Terpenes. These compounds are responsible for the distinctive perfume associated with Hemp. The rich aromatic flavours are what inform and attract us. Terpenes protect the plants from bacterial, fungal and viral  attack. Terpenes also open the bodies cells to the absorption of Cannabinoids. The gorgeous smells literally opens the body to receive the nutrition. As terpenes are highly volatile, these compounds are lost in the drying of expensive concentrated CBD isolates. Kama Hemp juice is rare in that it provides the richest possible spectrum of the beneficial Hemp plant material at an affordable and economical price.

Please research for yourself Scientific studies on CBD, CBDA and the terpenes, Myrcene, Ocimene Pinene to inform yourself.

Kama Hemp is the worlds First and Finest Organic Hemp Juice. Cultivated and processed in Clones, Co. Monaghan, Ireland.